Asset Managment

Quill exports a binary blob of all the assets it finds in a project's assets directory. By default, it outputs it to gui_assets.bin. The assets bin should be passed to ink_load_assets_bin prior to loading the main gui.bin using ink_load_gui_bin.

Asset Types#

Supported Image Formats#

  • png
  • .9.png (n-patch format)
  • jpeg, jpg
  • gif (supports animated gifs)
  • svg (subset)

Images may have a single channel, 3 channels (RGB), or 4 channels (RGBA). In single channel images white is fully opaque and black is fully transparent.

Supported Font Formats#

  • ttf
  • otf

Icon Fonts#

Icon fonts are recognized by Quill when it finds a css and font file with the same name. For example, icomoon.ttf and icomoon.css. Quill uses the following regular expression when parsing css files to find glyphs:


Which matches content like this:

.icon-link:before {
  content: "\e90c";


Only the subset of SVG compatible with icon fonts is supported, that is close looped paths that consist only of lines and cubic bezier curves.


Translations are xml files with one or more <translation> root elements.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<translation lang="en">
    <key>NEW_MESSAGES {{n}}</key>
    <other>You have {{n}} unread messages.</other>

See Localization for more details on writing translation files.

N-Patch images#

N-patch files use the same image format as Android, which means you can use assets created by tools like AndroidAssetStudio. Single channel n-patch images should use black for the border and white for control points.