For embedded systems

User Interface Creator for Humans

uiink was designed from the ground up to let you create user interfaces the way you want to. Each aspect of your UI can be modified with clear and simple lines of separation. Animations and other visuals can be worked on independently from data processing or UI architecture.

A lot of work has gone into making sure you can prototype and create your UI in Quill without any code. When the time comes to bring your design to life, programmers have a simple API that's tailored to interact with your UI.

Once all the initial bits are in place, changes large and small can still be made. Programmers can change code on their end with breaking the UI's design. And designers can iterate on their designs without needing a programmer to implement changes. Even major re-factors can be made and everything keeps on ticking.

Get Started
  • Live Reloading

    Edit your UI and watch it update on device in real time to match your changes.

  • Single Threaded

    Use uiink's fast and lightweight runtime. Typical UIs will use only a fraction of a single CPU core, even on resource constrained devices.

  • Software Renderer

    Keep your User Interface feeling smooth and snappy on devices without a GPU.

  • OpenGL ES2 Renderer

    Target high density screen resolutions.

  • Version Control Friendly

    Have multiple team members working on a UI at the same time.

  • Embedded Scripting

    Use Lua nodes in your UI logic to create advanced, custom behaviors.

  • Cross-Platform

    Build once, run everywhere.

  • No Code Generation

    Quill doesn't rely on code generation to integrate between your application code and GUI.

  • No Calbacks

    Code does not require use of any callbacks when working with data or user input events.

  • Networked API

    The hardware running your application doesn't have to be the same device that displays your UI.

  • Designer Friendly

    Keyframe animations, WYSIWYG, visual data processing, icons fonts, and more.

  • Low Requirements

    Run your UI on low end hardware with minimal storage, memory, or processing power.